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Leakn is an addictive social site where you can anonymously share your personal experiences and opinions about others with complete privacy.

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"My landlord #creeps me out, I caught him on camera watching TV in my living room while I...

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"My boss had to fire me because his #ugly gf Lynn #slutty Manfield thanks I’m too pretty to...

2 leaks

“Ladies, if you see my ex-bf Jared L com in, RUN. He’s nothing but a...

3 leaks

“I will #never take my business to that shop again, he quoted me one price but he rips me...

1 leaks

“Once I move out, I’ll definitely post a leak about my...

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“darknfit6_4 on #adatingsite.com he’s more like, baldnUgly5_4. ladies don’t let him #waste...

  • My landlord was such a thief. If I can save one person from his shady s**t - I will gladly tell anyone. This Leak needs to be all over Miami.

    Anonymous 2
  • I found Leakn by accident while looking up my date's name on the internet. What I read totally confirmed my thoughts of him. Glad I found out when I did!

    Anonymous 1
  • My old roommate is a total kleptomaniac. She actually admitted to me that she stole from every place she's ever lived in and every job she's ever had. She's is probably not even mentally stable. I joined Leakn to prevent other people from going through the same hell I was living for the last year.

    Anonymous 3
  • Now that I'm on Leakn, I can't imagine not having it to lookup my potential online blind dates.

    Anonymous 4
  • My manager has been much nicer ever since I told him about the power of Leakn.

    Anonymous 5

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Leakn offers you an outlet to share and express yourself anonymously regarding current or past experiences, both personal and professional.

Leakn is informative and entertaining. You can use Leakn to find out about what the exes of your potential dates are saying about them, or simply browse just to be entertained.

Positive or Negative, you've had a few past experiences - and more than likely someone is out there saying something about you. Would you want to be the last one to know about it? With Leakn you can even respond to the postings if you feel you've been misjudged.

By join in Leakn, you no longer feel voiceless or powerless. Every time you wish someone had warned you about someone, think of the ability you have to help the next victim. You have the power!

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